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CB's Top Gun of Tiffany




Tiffany's Black Pepper


Thank you ,Zeli for the beautiful shots of Gunney and Pepper !


Gunner x Pepper

Owned and loved by Laura H

My family and I hand raised Snuffy, he was a tiny little thing. I carried him to work with me ,set my cell phone to wake me through the night to feed him - by the time I knew I had him past the point that I knew he would be ok I also knew that I simply could not let this pup just go away and live somewhere I would never see him again. Snuff was one of the prettiest little pups I had ever seen and he has grown to be a beautiful dog! So, I gave him to my son's girlfriend, Laura. She has helped us not only with him but with all our babies & I knew he would be well loved. I think Laura and Snuff are a match made in heaven...I know I love them both!! Snuff comes home almost daily when Laura goes to school or work and they are both an integral part of our puppy socializing!




4/30/97 - 6/20/03

Homer was our first Corgi ,bought originally for my patient. John ,my husband made horrible fun of him and his short legs at first, but very shortly had John wrapped around his paw. He rode on the 4-wheeler with John and our sons, teased our Danes into chasing him - his very favorite game and taught us all what it means to have a huge heart. He was without a doubt one of the best dogs I have and will ever have. He will always be the standard to which I will hold my dogs personalities to. He was a prince, always patient, always kind, and always so brave - you'd never believe a pint sized dog backing down a dog 4x his size,  but he did and never held a grudge when he walked away! He loved his boys and always had hurt feeling when he was shut out of their room, took turns sleeping with everyone, especially those kids who needed that extra something. Homer was special, our own guardian angel in a red and white fur coat.

Rest well, Homer, Dad ,the boys & I love you and will miss you until we are together again.


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