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"You cannot do a Kindness too soon, for you never know how soon will be too late"

Ralf Waldo Emerson

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Grace is now

Ch.Shakira's Heaven Sent

owned & bred by

Teri Williams

Grace is a second generation, home bred girl and did beautifully in the ring. Gaining her first point April 20,2008 and finished August 9,2008.  Grace was beautifully handled from start to finish by Viva Ridderhoff, Doubldiamond Kennel

Bee-Tex KC  - Judge Dr. Alvin Krause

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners /Best of Breed

Beaumont KC - Judge Mrs. Paula Hartinger

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Breed

Macon KC - Judge KeKe Kahn - 3 point major



Dylan & pups 6/06

This is what we are all about - family and our dogs.

Benicio,Reeda and daughter ,CC

Katie x Gun Litter 8/07




We have new Dane additions:

Hallie Modry Efekt

Kalena del Piccolo Jigo


Shakira's Angus de Uno

Was awarded Therapy Dog of the Year!

We are ever so proud of him and his mama Joy!



Shakira is  a small, family kennel devoted to our dogs. It is truly a family affair, with my husband ,sons and I, all being an integral part of raising our dogs. We strive for not just beautiful dogs but healthy, long-lived, intelligent companions! We have puppies in homes that are therapy dogs ,others are working on obedience, agility & tracking !

We are much more concerned with finding life-long ,loving homes for our puppies than to have our puppies in a 'show' home. A dog is a life long commitment, showing is such a small part of that lifetime, that we will place those that have the references and shown to be committed homes at the top of our lists rather than a novice home that is 'interested' in showing.  Showing is a fun extra, just the icing ,not the cake!

We have chosen to import our dogs or have dogs from imported stock very simply because we love the style. Very much like Levis and Wranglers, some people love one -others couldn't be without the other!  There are differences from American bred compared to their European counterparts but it is all a matter of personal preference, there is no right or wrong as long as the dogs meet the standard of the breeds. All of our imported dogs are out of champion lines. We do show some of our dogs on a limited basis as we can due to job constraints and expenses.

No matter where you get your puppy , please always do your research by going to the breeds' parent club site, ask lots of questions and make sure that the parents have the appropriate health checks for their breed . There is never a reason why copies of this documentation cannot be shared. A pretty price tag does not guarantee a healthy, happy dog but buying a lesser dog at a savings will many times come at a greater cost.

 If I can help at all please feel free to contact me.

Teri Williams

Pearland, Texas

832 731 8902

Thank you Laura Makela and Fin. Ch. BISS Chalernon Athos, 'Hemmo' for allowing me use your wonderful background!!



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Mahatma Gandhi

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